SOMNIPATH returns…tickets now on sale!

Inclined is returning to dreamland this month with the re-staging of our 2015 evening-length work SOMNIPATH, and we are so excited to be revisiting this monster!

Inspired by the sciences and abnormalities of sleep, this evening length work takes the audience through a strange landscape of sound, movement, and shadow. Starting with the winding down of the day and transitioning into the unknown realms of night we take you through all the weirdness that could possibly occur – from dreams and nightmares, to sleep walking and rare dyssomnias, to the moments between REM and waking. Highlighted by unique lighting methods, an original compiled soundscore, and Inclined’s highly physical movement style the work will transport you to a world of strange images and familiar experiences.

So bring your security blanket, and maybe a flashlight. There are some weird things that happen when the lights go out and we shut our eyes. We hope you will join us for our dreamland.

April 21st & 22nd: 8pm
@The Martha Graham Studio Theater
55 Bethune ST, NYC

Tickets now on sale HERE!