…one week…the nightmare returns…

Only 1 week left til SOMNIPATH returns! First created in 2015, this evening length work has been revived and re-staged for a new audience to experience.

Inspired by the weird world of sleep, SOMNIPATH takes the audience on a crazy journey through a shadowy world of nightmares and dreams, of sound and silence, of the familiar and the frightening. Join us as we explore what happens when our eyelids shut and the lights turn off…and you drift off to sleep…

April 21st & 22nd: 8pm
@The Martha Graham Studio Theater
55 Bethune St, 11th Floor

Tickets now on sale!


Choreography & Concept by Kristen Klein
Performed by Amy Campbell, Leighann Curd, Kristen Klein, Shannon McGee, Chie Mukai, and Elisabeth Wolf